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All of our Fit programs are overseen by our program head coach, Katie Johnson. Katie is uniquely qualified for this title because of her knowledge, experience and passion for running and walking. She holds a degree in kinesiology from UCLA, a masters in counseling as well as a teaching credential and has run dozens of marathons and half marathons. She is also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, as well as a RRCA Certified Coach.  But, best of all – she's just plain fun.

In addition to Katie, our Fit programs are fortunate to have an outstanding group of coaches and assistant coaches, all with a passion for fitness. Each of our dedicated coaches embody enthusiasm, sense of humor, and the desire to help members reach their goals. While we are certainly serious about providing our members with the very best training programs and information possible, we never lose sight of the fact that it has to be fun. That is our promise to you.

Meet the Coaches!

coach pic - katie

Coach Katie

Single best benefit of running/walking: It makes me stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally which allows me to perform better in all areas of my life. 
Best running/walking advice ever received: Start slow, finish strong!
Favorite pre-race ritual: Lay everything out the night before!!  Pin bib number to shirt and attach timing chip to shoe.  Pack clothes to change into, as well as snacks.  



Bill Aaron

Favorite role model and why: Survivors, because overcoming odds typically bring out the best in people. 
Favorite race: San Dieguito Half Marathon; great course, wonderful beer garden 
Favorite post-race meal: Phil’s BBQ or carne asada

Mission Bay- Site Administrator

coach pic - lilly


Lily Kinninger

Single best benefit of running/walking:  It improves my mental health - those endorphins feel oh-so-good! Favorite role model and why:  Steve Jones (former marathonr ecord holder).  He stopped for a bio-break and still won the 1985 London Marathon!
Favorite post-race meal:  
Ribeye steak dinner!

Mission Bay - Yellow Color Group


coach pic - laurie


Laurie Adam

Favorite workout weather: San Diego most of the year -- overcast and cool.
Single best benefit of running/walking:There are so many ....  The single best benefit probably is that I set goals for myself, and I accomplish them, leading to self-confidence and pride.
Favorite running/walking gear: I always carry my water bottle.  I have tried different water belts over the years.  I like the 20 oz. bottle in the center of my back.  I felt like Batman when I ran with the belt with multiple bottles...

Mission Bay - Red Color Group



Tanya Reese

Single best benefit of running/walking - I am a big believe in the good hormones (Runner's High) produced by running.  Running can relax your mind. 

Best running/walking advice ever received: Active stretches before each run. I have noticed that when I make it a point to do active stretching before my run I have better success.

Favorite pre-race ritual: I like a bagel and peanut butter. 

Favorite role model and why: I have two. In running it would be Wilma Rudolph (famous American sprinter who overcame polio). Second is my mom. She raised me as a single parent and inspires me every day. 

Favorite post-race meal: Honesty, after a race I don't have a particular favorite meal. 

Favorite race: So far, my favorite race has been Carlsbad. Carlsbad Full Marathon (then called San Diego Full Marathon) was my first and there was so much support. That race is the standard that I compare all other races I have done to.

Favorite running/walking gear: My amphipod hand held water bottle and right now my shoe of choice is Hoka. Mission Bay- Orange Color Group

Bethann Giraldi

Single best benefit of running/walking: Hmm best benefit I guess is staying active and meeting great people.

Best running/walking advice ever received: Taking walking breaks is ok! I also hear a lot it's just one foot in front of the other. ;)

Favorite pre-race ritual: Don't really have a pre race ritual.. but I do like to make sure my clothes are picked out and enjoy going out to carbon load with friends 

Favorite role model and why: I guess would say my mother. She always was there for me especially during the tougher times. She taught me to never give up! But she didn't help me become a runner I became a runner after she passed away. But as far as runner role model in some ways I would say coach Laurie because she really was the one who kept me wanting to come back each seasons when I first started out and never gave up on me and got me through my first half! 

Favorite post-race meal: I love a good burger and a beer with my running pals

Favorite race: Hmm I've done quite a few but the most energetic and supportive one I've found for me has been Carlsbad. When I did my first race it was that one and the support on and off the streets was amazing. I did my only full at Carlsbad and my first half was Carlsbad! 

Favorite running/walking gear: I don't have a favorite running gear just what ever fits comfortably is the best! 

Suzi Merritt

Single best benefit of running/walking: feeling better about myself

Best running/walking advice ever received: start out SLOW!

Favorite pre-race ritual:  gathering with In Motion friends to keep the butterflies to a minimum

Favorite role model and why: pass

Favorite post-race meal: burger and beer

Favorite race: Carlsbad - love the course, the support along the course and that I know so many people racing

Favorite running/walking gear: compression tights and purple shirt


Mission Bay- Green Color Group

coach pic - angela

Angela Kanish

Favorite role model and why:  Yolanda Holder, known as the Walking Diva, has crushed all kinds of distances as a walker.
Favorite post-race meal:  Guilty pleasure - In 'N-Out Double-Double Protein Style with ketchup and mustard.  After 13.1 miles, I've earned it!
Best running/walking advice:  Don't worry about being the last finisher. It's not about speed, it's about distance. My mile may not be as fast as your mile, but our distance (and medals) are the same.

Mission Bay - Purple Color Group

Coming Soon!

Dennis Lain 

Carlsbad- Site Administrator

Coach pic - jodi

Jodi Hays

Best running/walking advice ever received: Don't let not feeling good keep you from running. Head out for ten minutes, then decide how you feel!
Favorite running/walking gear: A running buddy. If I don't have that I like to listen to music.
Favorite pre-race ritual: Stretching & listening to 'Today is Your Day' on my iPod.

Carlsbad- Yellow Color Group

coach pic - beth


Beth Herzog

Favorite role model and why:  My parents for teaching me the importance of determination and never giving up- even when you really feel like it!
Best running/walking advice:  Have fun!  Don't be in competition with anyone other than yourself.
Single best benefit of running/walking:  Enjoying the beautiful weather and beach on a regular basis.
Favorite pre-race ritual:  Making reservations for a post-race brunch!

Carlsbad- Red Color Group


coach pic - kim


Kim Guillen

Favorite role model and why: My father. I grewup watching him run races (I especially remember the Coronado Bay Bridge race), stay physically fit for the military, and raise two daughters on his own. 
Best running/walking advice ever received: Enjoy every minute and don't be too hard on yourself. 
Favorite pre-race ritual:  Get up early, shower, and take my dog out for a brief walk.

Carlsbad- Orange Color Group

coach pic - shanthi

Shanthi Lackey

Favorite role model and why: Meb Keflezighi. He has defied many odds and overcome them. He is very down to earth and an amazing runner.
Single best benefit of running/walking: The camaraderie and motivation of running with others.
Best running/walking advice ever received: Add mileage slow don't do too much too fast whether you are just starting out or coming back from an injury.

Carlsbad- Orange Color Group


coach pic - maureen


Maureen Ferrel 

Favorite role model and why: My mother because she always tells me, 'The more you move the better you feel!'  She also tells me when she thinks I'm getting to fat!
Single best benefit of running/walking: Feeling good!
Favorite post-race meal:  Cheeseburger with fresh tomato, onion, and lettuce.

Carlsbad- Green Color Group


Tina Knight

Single best benefit of running/walking: It does great things for your health/body and soul! Best running/walking advice ever received: LISTEN to your body! If it says run-RUN! If it says walk-WALK! If your body says rest-PLEASE REST! Favorite pre-race ritual: I eat belvita , take my vitamins/ supplements and drink a glass of water! Favorite role model and why: I don’t have a favorite role model. I do like to surround myself with positive, caring people. This is one of many reasons I love the  In Motion Fit family! They always make me feel welcome and cared about! Favorite post-race meal: Chocolate milk! Sometimes 2 after a 1/2 marathon! Favorite running/walking gear: I LOVE my ASICS shoes!  Since I am an amputee with most of my toes, having comfortable shoes is very important to me! I have found them to work the best for me and once you find what works for you and your feet…Stick with it!

Carlsbad- Purple Color Group 




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